Each week we post our ‘Top 5′ covering different areas of men’s fashion. We pick out the some of the suggestions from you guys! And the best ones get a mention on the blog. So here is our (and your) Top 5 Men’s accessories!


A watch is simply one of the most timeless accessories a man could own. Despite our advances in technology, the classic dial timepiece still looks as chic and elegant as it did 100 years ago!


A great choice. A scarf is an item that can cost next to nothing yet provide a wealth of looks to an outfit. There are dozens of ways in which to tie one but the really great thing about them is they don’t need to be restricted to being simply worn around the neck. Whether you’re using them to layer, wrap or tie, the scarf is most definitely a staple accessory for any man that considers himself stylish! Pair with some classic Ray Ban sunglasses for that winter chic look!


It’s simple really: If you’re wearing a pair of trousers then you should be wearing a belt too. The fabrics and colours that you choose had can add some spice into your outfit. But the sheer functionality of them should be a reason for purchase alone. ‘Low battys’ have never been a look good outside of the prison walls!


Simple, timeless and a great alternative to a tie, you can ‘chuck-em’ in or fold them perfectly. Like the scarf you can show your personality through the colours and patterns you choose.

But why restrict yourself to what the stores stock? Got a nice piece of fabric? Seen an old shirt than you like the pattern of? Well you all know how to use a pair of scissors don’t you? So what are you waiting for……go make one!


Bulging pockets are about as attractive as this guy! My solution is simple: carry a bag. It not only frees up your pockets but it adds another dimension to your outfit. From holdalls to rucksacks, the styles available to guys nowadays is amazing.

We are truly spoilt for choice!

An overview of Delight Comfy Jordan Shoes

Jordan footwear has released a beautiful line of footwear which is called Air Jordan. They have obtained tremendous appeal right from the moment they were presented. Ever since there has been no recall. Jordan footwear is not just fantastic stylishly and looks, yet they likewise offer severe convenience to the user. When Nike initially presented their line of footwear, Nike was generally identified with sporting activities footwear like joggers and also joggers. Therefore, they intended to do something various and also satisfy a different line of footwear. This was when they got in the brand-new field of producing footwear for the basketball video game.

In those days, Michael Jordan rose to the standing of a basketball celebrity. He was a famous basketball gamer. This is when Nike got hold of the possibility of roping in this terrific begin and paid a substantial quantity of 2.5 million bucks within 2018 Jordon shoes. Jordan tennis shoes were presented, and Michael Jordan backed this brand name. The first Jordan footwear called as Jordan 1 can be found in combined shades of black and also red which looked appealing and vivid. In those days, you can obtain just white coloured basketball shoes. NBA remarkably opposed the lively shades selected by Nike and also a restriction was enforced.

The plan presented for footwear

Michael Jordan was billed hefty penalties every single time he put on that footwear for his suits. The Jordan tennis shoes after that came to be exceptionally preferred amongst the usual group and also everybody intended to possess a set of this footwear. Considering that those times, Jordan has been continually presenting brand-new selections each time and also they have taken care of to continue to be in the top. Having a set of Jordan footwear is a pleased issue and even a collection agency’s product as well. For severe fanatics and fans of footwear, Jordan footwear has likewise presented some bundles. Jordan tennis shoes are readily available either at widely known retail electrical outlets or stores. You might additionally obtain this footwear online.

Throughout the year January 2006, Jordan footwear presented the plan which consisted of 2 sets of footwear that is Air Jordan XI version (Retro) and Jordan VI that is 2018 jordon shoes. 2 appealing shade mixes were presented in the year April 2007. Jordan, even more, showed up various other blends like Air Jordan Spizike in the year October 2006. The Spizike design was mainly developed throughout Mars Blackmon duration to recognise Spike Lee. The countdown plan and Jordan Collezione has two different variants of the Air Jordan footwear. Air Jordan thought of extremely cutting-edge suggestions in the year 2009. They produced just 2009 shoe in the year 2009. They launched regarding 1005 footwear in the U.S.A. and also the staying 1004 pump was started in various other nations.
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